Project Steak Braai – In Aid of

I recently came across this post on fellow food bloggers Ishay’s site.  It basically explains the concept behind WeFeedBack and talks about a dinner they held in aid of the charity.

The idea is to have a great meal and am awesome time while doing your bit for charity.

The crux of the matter is that for the same price you normally pay for a meal, you can feed a large number of underprivileged children, please read more about it on the link above.

It is also important for us to raise awareness of the charity on the various social networks, but we’ll get to that.

Ishay and a number of other food bloggers are planning on hosting dinners through August to try and raise awareness of this awesome charity, I think it is an amazing movement and decided to join them.

I am putting up my skills as Braai Master and general Merchant of Good Times.

I have been known to braai a mean steak, so my plan is as follows.  On Saturday 27th of August I am converting my house into a “Steakhouse”, and you are lucky enough to be receiving an invite!!

There will be three main sittings:

  • 5pm – 2 seats left, book NOW!
  • 7pm – Fully Booked
  • 9pm – Fully Booked

What you get:

  • matured sirloin steak braaied to perfection by yours truly
  • a generous helping of crispy potato chips
  • all smothered in delicious mushroom sauce
  • a chance to hang out with fellow foodies and other awesome people
  • all that goodness in your belly, and a warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart knowing you helped out big time.

**Bring your own drinks if you are not a wine drinker please!

Price is R150 a head, R50 of which will aim to cover the majority of my costs and R100 will be going to charity. We will all put our money in a box on arrival and at the end of the night I will make the donation (yes there will be witnesses) to WeFeedBack.

My house is in Durbanville, address to follow on booking.

Obviously seats are limited, so book yours now by emailing me on




This just in, some sponsors have come on board and will be making the evening even more awesome!

Hands On Wine & The Parlotones have given us a case of wine to raffle off on the evening.

The case consists of 6 bottles in total!

One bottle in the case will be signed by all four members of the band! So bring some extra money for raffle tickets you hear!


The awesome people at NoMu have come on board as a sponsor and have donated the following goodies

  • 1 kg of their awesome Coffee Rub for the steaks!
  • 9 of their amazing Gift Boxes for lucky draws and raffles!


The amazing folks at Le Creuset SA generously donated a 30CM Round Skillet that I will be raffling off!


Last but most definitely not least, BIG thanks to Andre Pentz of Adamsrib and the generous folks of Rib Shack Red who joins us as official  wine sponsor for the event.

I seriously dig this line from the promo pack I received

“Rib Shack Red is a wine made for those who like their wine the way they like their meat: big, red and juicy. From the moment the best red grapes are picked to the first indulgent sip”

Big, red and juicy… Sounds like the perfect match to my steaks!

As an added bonus, Andre Pentz and the folks at Rib Shack Red is also giving us a lekker Barrel Braai to raffle off on the evening!

I suggest you all bring plenty of extra cash for raffle tickets as the prizes on offer are nothing short of amazing!!


Also a big thanks goes out to Durbanville Party Hire for the discounted rate on the tables, cutlery, crockery etc.!

A big Thank You! goes out to all our sponsors!

If you would like to sponsor the event or make any donation please email me on



The raffle winners are as follows:

NoMu gift boxes

  • Caylee Grey
  • Caylee Grey (yes she bought loads of tickets)
  • Stephanie

Rib Shack Red Barrel Braai

  • Ann

The Parlotones Wine

  • Neill Anthony

Le Creuset Pan

  • Caylee Grey (again, this chick bought load of tickets)

Thanks so much to everyone for the support

We managed to raise R5000.00 for the WeFeedBack project.  This equates to 2752 children that we managed to feed while having an amazing time.  I encourage you to do the same, go to WeFeedBack and do what you can!

Author:Fritz Brand

Passionate Foodie, Blues Man, Photographer, Technology Geek and all round cool dude.

9 Responses to “Project Steak Braai – In Aid of”

  1. Lori
    August 16, 2011 at 10:55 am #

    Such a fabulous idea! I am so sorry I wont be in CT that weekend :(

    • Fritz Brand
      August 16, 2011 at 2:05 pm #

      Thanks Lori, aahh bugger! Next time :)

  2. August 22, 2011 at 4:12 pm #

    Fritz, this is SUCH a fab idea! And I am gutted that I can’t taste your legendary steak, but I shall be there in spirit! Can I buy a raffle ticket for the Le Creuset pan? ;)

    • Fritz Brand
      August 22, 2011 at 4:17 pm #

      Thanks Alida! Would have been rad to have you here!

      Nu uh sorry, the raffle is only for my honoured guests! Aren’t they special :)

  3. August 22, 2011 at 7:50 pm #

    Dear Fritz

    So, finally back and office in semblance of some order (I wish), so I can reply.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for reading the post and conceptualising this fantastic, local is lekker idea.
    I have in the the past, been a tad disappointed with lack of local support whenever I’ve posted about WeFeedback on the blog or on twitter. In fact, the bloggers involved in the Global wefeedback meals are not even locals, as I didn’t pitch the idea here.

    Then you came out so generously and did precisely what I hoped for- you took the idea and ran with it.
    People feel there are too many problems in SA to consider helping outside. I counter by saying, we, as global citizens have a duty to both the people inside our borders and those outside.
    Tonight, @clivesimpkons quoted Gibran:
    I find myself a stranger to all communities & belong to no settlement. The universe is my country & the human family is my tribe. Gibran
    Not 100% on point, but you understand the sentiment.

    Thank you so much, dear Fritz for your passion and your heart and to the sponsors- sometimes people need a little Le Creuset to get motivated ;-)

    I will be compiling the results of the dinners on 30 August (mine is on 29th) and submitting it to the World Food Programme who have given us their full support.

    If you are a food or wine blogger (or even if you’re not), won’t you consider holding a dinner to benefit those who go without?
    See links at start of Fritz’s post or join the conversation here:


    • Fritz Brand
      August 22, 2011 at 8:40 pm #

      Hi Ishay

      Glad you are back from your travels, looking forward to reading and hearing about them!

      I want to thank you for inspiring me to do this, if it wasn’t for your touching blog post this probably would not have happened.

      I totally agree with the sentiment, we are all connected.

      I have heard people go off on that tangent yes, “Why should I help feed hungy kids in some other country, there are plenty of them here in SA.” The sad fact is that most of the people that give you that response, probably aren’t doing much to help any hungry children in our own country either.

      People are sort of hard wired to look for reasons NOT to do something, instead of starting to plan and following through, it’s just much easier to do nothing.

      We easily shut off the outside world and just focus on our own needs, but I have learned that this is no way to live.

      I have seen the face of a less fortunate man light up when I gave him some meat that I was planning on discarding as it was in my freezer for too long. Perfectly edible, just not the high quality I am used to. He was sitting by the side of the road with his head in his hands looking totally hopeless. I did hesitate, but luckily I did manage to get out of the car and ask him if he would like the meat.

      I will never forget that face. Just that simple act, cost me nothing, but that man could feed his family for a week. The added benefit of this was that my own mood lifted a great deal, I was on cloud 9 for weeks!

      The fact is, that it feels great to help others and the more people we can get on the same page, the better this world of ours will be off. You do not have to be rich to help others, you just have to open yourself up to oppurtunities.

      See you Saturday!

  4. December 12, 2011 at 2:45 pm #


    Loved going through your blog, I am a foodie through and through. Moved to SA a few months ago from England and loving everything apart from the heat.
    I work for a charity called Noah (Nurturing Orphans of Aids for Humanity) and anything to do with helping those in need tugs at my heart and I am always looking for new and exciting ways to raise awareness and funds. Must say this is a pretty amazing idea and we will be adopting it for our next event with friends and family.

    Have a fabulous Christmas and Happy new year

    • Fritz Brand
      December 12, 2011 at 2:48 pm #

      Hi EJ

      Thanks for the kind words. I like to help out where I can too :)

      This project was a lot of fun, please let me know how your adaptation turns out!

      Happy festive season to you also


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